About Phazz One Ministries


Phazz One Ministries is an organization dedicated to family unity and success.

We could help your children by offering tutoring in all areas of academic concern.

If required we can provide financial counseling.

We feed families every Sunday of each month between 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm.

We are available to assist families to promote togetherness and success in life.

If we can be of service to your children or families please call us on 540-247-1180
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ."If We Can Help We Will".

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Educational Support Services

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Educational Support


Are you interested in beginning or participating in a Professional Home School?

We offer step-by-step instruction on how to establish or restructure your existing or planned homeschool.

With over thirty years of traditional and homeschool experience and a Master’s Degree in Education Instruction and Administration, we are qualified to help you with your dream.

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Financial Counseling


Financial Facelift is a Biblically structured, practical approach to financial management and success.

This comprehensive three day workshop "The Cheerful Giver" reveals financial misinformation, inspires confidence for problem solving, offers solutions for money stressors, unlocks the meaning of true stewardship, and sets participants on the path towards financial freedom.

Topics covered include effective partnering, responsible resource management, successful decision making, crisis avoidance, and abundant life skills.

Call us on 540-247-1180 to discuss a workshop at your location

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Community Dinners


Phazz One Ministries provides meals for the community every Second and Fourth Sunday of each month.

Our volunteers serve families who need nutritional support. We know that a hot meal shared by a family around a table can provide stability and security both for children and parents.

This on-going commitment by Phazz One Ministries is not only a pleasure, it is a privilege.

Stop by 501 South Cameron Street in Winchester, Virginia and be a part of caring and sharing.

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Theatrical Productions


This series of workshops is designed for groups who are active in Christian production, whether you are beginners or advanced. The workshops cover all aspects of production….

• How to choose a production
• How to recruit participants
• How to direct the cast
• How to organize and run rehearsals
• How to build sets
• How to make or secure costumes
How to promote the event

Workshops also include instruction in audio technology, sound reinforcement, video production, lighting design, and special effects. . . . View Example

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Your support is needed and appriciated as part of our fellowship program, our volunteers are a blessing, why not contribute some of your time?
Phazz One Ministries operates solely on the generous contributions of our partners and friends.
Partner with us for a one time gift or a continuing monthly donation of any amount.
"Thank you for your faithful support"

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"Thank You"

Location & Contact US

Phazz One Ministries, 501 South Cameron Street, Winchester, VA 22601

Telephone: 540-665-0228 E-Mail: gwen@phazzone.com
Administrator Contact: Gwen Walker
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